Sixteen Things Kids Did In School In The ’80s They Would Never Do Now

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Time changes a lot of things, including how schools are run. Certain things that may have been very common when you or your kids went to school would never fly these days. And as technology changed, schools got different because of that too.

It can be fun to look back and remember what your experience in school was like compared to how it is now! Take a look at this list of things that happened in schools in the ’80s and earlier and see how many things you remember:

1. Telling your crush you liked them with a Valentine

Photo: Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station

These days, teachers either ban Valentine’s Day cards or make the class give one to everyone so kids don’t feel left out. Back in the day, you would only give a Valentine to someone you had a crush on. Did you ever do this?

2. Watching other kids

Photo: Kadena Air Base

Did you ever have to supervise the classroom when your teacher stepped out for a moment or watch younger kids at recess? These days, there are always adults around to ensure all of the children’s safety. Back then, kids were trusted a lot more, it seems.

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3. Clapping erasers

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Many kids had to clap erasers and choke on the clouds of dust as a punishment. Did you like doing that or loathe it? These days, there are mainly smartboards and whiteboards. Gone are the days of chalkboards and that horrible nails-on-a-chalkboard sound.

4. Making ashtrays in art class

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Did you ever make an ashtray in art class in school? These days, smoking is banned in many places, so you would never be asked to make an ashtray in school.

5. Home Ec for girls and Woodshop for boys

Photo: Flickr

Many classes in school were very gender-specific. These days, boys and girls can take any class.

6. Getting hit with balls during Dodgeball

Photo: Mountain Home Air Force Base

Now many schools ban dodgeball because it can encourage violence among students. Students don’t seem to like it that much anyway. Others games that have been banned? Playing “cowboys and Indians” or “cops and robbers.”

7. Some schools used to have gun ranges

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Did your school allow you to learn how to shoot a gun? That would never be allowed these days.

8. Being picked up by a friend’s mom during school hours


Now, it is very strict that a parent or legal guardian must sign students in and out of school. You can’t just be picked up by anyone these days, even if you know them.

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