Sixteen Things Kids Did In School In The ’80s They Would Never Do Now

9. Teenagers used to be able to become a bus driver

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Prior to 1988, teenagers with new licenses could get a job as a bus driver! How scary is that?

10. Bringing cupcakes or other desserts for class on your birthday

Photo: Pixabay

Now, schools are trying to be more health conscious, so if you are allowed to bring a treat on your birthday it often has to be healthy or non-allergenic. So many kids have allergies these days. In addition, soda, candy, and other unhealthy snacks have been banned from many schools.

11. Wearing “Indian” costumes

Photo: Party City

Do you remember dressing up as a pilgrim or an “Indian” for a school play? These days, it is considered offensive in many places.

12. Sniffing glue and markers and get “high”

Photo: Hurlburt Field

Be honest, did you get “high” off the scent of those toxic supplies in art class? Things are really different now!

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13. Walking to school

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

We have all heard it… “When I was a kid, I walked five miles to school uphill in a snowstorm…” Does that phrase give you a chuckle? These days, due to safety reasons, fewer kids are allowed to walk to and from school, especially alone.

14. When you got in trouble…

Photo: Giphy

If you got in trouble in school back in the day, you would often have to sit or stand in the corner, stare at the wall, or write lines on the chalkboard. None of these punishments seem to happen anymore. Good thing or bad thing?

15. Picking teams

Photo: Hurlburt Field

It was always so nerve-wracking to pick teams in gym class. No one ever wanted to be picked last. These days, this isn’t allowed because it was rarely fair and made kids feel bad.

16. Leaving school during lunch

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Going off campus for lunch was common back in the day for high schoolers. Even I had the opportunity to leave school during my senior year of high school in 2007, but I remember that my school was the only one in the area still practicing this. Now, most schools have banned it to prevent car accidents during school hours or teens skipping class and getting into trouble.

How many of these things do you remember doing in school? What else do you think has changed in schools since the ’80s?

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This story originally appeared at Do You Remember by Lauren Stewart.

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