12 Young Students Whose Test Answers Are Too Hilarious For Words

Photo: laafoka and pikabu

It means a lot to both the parents and the teachers for their young students to do well and succeed in school. However, there are some students out there that definitely have a creative side when it comes to not knowing the answer for certain test questions. We wish we had this kind of creativity as kids!

Check out these hilarious photos of actual test and homework answers given by young students. We can’t believe some of these are real!

Photo: Reddit/jknight42

One Reddit user says that he found these answers mixed in with old school papers. “Apparently even 7 year old me was a smart ass,” he says.

Photo: Reddit/HouseHoldSheep

Another Reddit user who happens to be a teacher couldn’t help but share this hilarious test answer. “I was marking my students’ tests, and one did this,” they explained. (Also, it’s worth noting that several people in the comments section of Reddit were trying to figure out the actual answer to this math question.)

Photo: pikabu

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When in doubt…just draw a sad version of yourself thinking about the answer as the actual answer. (But actually, how do you prove that Peter has more money than Anne? Clearly, $4 is more than 30 cents…)

Photo: laafoka

I think my favorite answer-question combination in this one is, “How can you lift an elephant with one hand?” Answer: “You can never lift an elephant that has one hand.” Absolutely brilliant.

Photo: Reddit/TheNitroBlade

One teacher posted this photo on Reddit and couldn’t help but get a massive kick out of it. “My students really know how to make me laugh,” they said. At least this student got a +1 out of the available +5 points!

Photo: Reddit/whitlgr

I regret not putting this as an answer on one of my tests when I was younger. Perfect opportunity. A parent posted this on Reddit with the caption, “My six year old got the answer wrong, but I think she’s right…”

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