Woman Runs Museum & Tutor Program, Teaching Kids The Importance Of History

Edna Wagner loves giving back to her community of Leavenworth, Kansas, as well as teaching children about history and making a difference in their lives.

A military wife and longtime educator, Wagner is very passionate about history and knows how important it is to share and know it.

Photo: YouTube/Fox4 News

She left the Leavenworth School District in 2011 to become the executive director of the Richard Allen Cultural Center and Museum.

She uses the center to teach kids from all different school districts about different artifacts, statues and pieces of history. She also tells the stories of triumph and adversity, helping the kids understand the strength and determination of African Americans that have contributed rich history to that area.

Photo: YouTube/Fox4 News

In addition to being a museum, the center also turns into a multicultural K-12 after-school tutoring program that Wagner runs.

Aside from history, Wagner also teaches her students how important it is to give back to the community, as well as life lessons that maintain good values and morals.

Photo: YouTube/Fox4 News

“They have to work for it because I tell them everything is not going to be given,” she told Fox4 KC. “You have to earn it. There’s always a challenge for them to learn to earn something and not always expect something in return.”

She has help from volunteers in the community who are military, retired teachers and principals and want to help the kids just as much as she does.

Hear more of her inspiring story in the video below:

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