Check Out How WLF is Using Cutting-Edge Technology to Bring Books to Children in Need!

In 2002, after a visit to Nigeria, Andrew Kay and his friend Dr. Anthony Cree founded the World Literacy Foundation (WLF) in Australia. Nigeria, it seemed, was full of illiterate children with no access to an education, or even a book.

These two gentleman felt it was not only their duty but also their privilege to help change that issue.

Originally, WLF was set up to send second-hand children’s books from Australia to Nigeria—however, the children of Nigeria were consuming the books faster than they could be sent. What was WLF to do with such a hunger for books? They couldn’t keep up.

In response to the Nigerian children’s hunger for more books, WLF switched strategies and started sending e-books, which were tailored children’s specific languages and dialects. This strategy allowed them to send not only more books but also better books that really suited the children’s needs and desires.

The e-books have been a huge success, and now WLF provides books to children all over Africa.

Find out more about WLF’s Digital Literacy Hub in this video.

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