Florida High School Has Their Graduation Ceremony On Jet Skis

Graduation ceremonies have been interrupted in many areas of the world due to the coronavirus pandemic. There have been some rather unique ways to have graduation while social distancing, including this idea from a Florida high school. The class of 2020 received their diplomas on jet skis.

It was a charter school in Key West, Somerset Island Prep, that had such a unique graduation. Even though the coronavirus pandemic was keeping people from meeting in close quarters, they decided to hold it by going out to sea. It would ensure that the students kept their distance from each other and let them have a special day.

Photo: Pixabay

Seniors who took part in this unique graduation wore their caps and gowns but they did so with life jackets underneath. Principal Tom Rompella stood by with the diplomas and the graduates would ride by on the jet skis to receive them, according to a school press release.

Rompella was docked off of the southernmost house, a historic hotel in Key West.

“This final ceremony for our seniors represents the same theme that has played out throughout the entirety of their time at Island Prep,” he said in the release. “That no barrier is too large to overcome and that through creativity and hard work we can overcome any challenge.”

Prior to the ceremony, students received jet ski lessons. A video showed them going past the principal to receive their diplomas. They were wearing face masks.

“Unique times call for unique measures,” the principal said in the video. “We’ve been telling our class of 2020 that any challenge can be overcome, so this is another challenge that we’re gonna overcome, and it’s gonna be their last challenge that they overcome for high school as they go out and start their life.”

This is the first graduating class from the school according to The Florida Keys Weekly. The school has a unique curriculum that allowed the students to get their high school diploma and earn a college associate’s degree at the same time.

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The coronavirus has caused a lot of changes, and social distancing guidelines have made it difficult for many to celebrate the graduation ceremony. At least the school had a unique way to do it.

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