These Students Fighting Hunger and Food Waste Will Inspire You!

Do you know how much food is wasted in cafeterias, cafes, and restaurants across the country? Do you know what usually gets done with that food? That’s right; we usually just toss it out if it doesn’t get eaten on the same day it was prepared.

But this system is so incredibly wasteful. Good food is being thrown in the trash while so many people are going hungry throughout the nation and the world.

It’s time for a change. Luckily, there are some people working for a great organization that are willing and able to help stop this food waste crisis.

GreaterGood is proud to partner with the Food Recovery Network, a dynamic, student-led organization which donates surplus dining hall food to those in need.

The Food Recovery Network’s important work was recently highlighted in this moving video clip. Their commitment to tackling both food waste and hunger is an inspiration to us!

Watch the video below to get informed and inspired!

The Food Recovery Network is the largest student movement against hunger in America, with involvement at over 100 colleges across the country.

Want to do something to help the Food Recovery Network expand their mission? Check out our Gift That Gives More dedicated to providing the Food Recovery Network with trays for safe, clean, and effective food transportation.

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