Little Free Libraries Are Turning Into Food Pantries During Lockdown

In Glendale, a number of the “Little Free Libraries” are now serving as free food pantries. The coronavirus pandemic has left some people jobless and struggling to get by financially.

A number of community groups, including the Glendale library department staff, are encouraging people to leave nonperishable items in those little pantries that are found around the city.

Glendale’s libraries are similar to other public facilities located in Los Angeles County. Due to the COVID-19 spread, they are closed to the public.

“All library staff are working extremely hard to convert all of our offerings to ones which are available 24/7, online,” library Director Gary Shaffer said. “Still, we wanted to be there even more for our community.”

A board member of the Glendale Latino Association, Guillermo Garcia, felt that converting the libraries into pantries was a good idea, Schaeffer reported.

The flagship Little Free Food Pantry can be found at the Glendale City Hall, out front at 613 E. Broadway.

You can find other locations at Mayor’s Bicentennial Park, at 1987 Loma Vista Drive, and Montrose Park, 3529 Clifton Place.

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If you plan on accessing the pantry, either to leave food or to take something, make sure that you wash your hands first. You should also wash your hands after and make sure that the door to the pantry is closed.

Social distancing is being encouraged, as it is now recommended by public health officials. This would include maintaining at least a 6 feet distance between each other at all times.

The Glendale Latino Association is only one organization involved in the effort. The Glendale Sunrise Rotary Club, Kiwanis-Glendale, and Salvation Army are also involved.

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