How Reading Fiction Improves Intelligence

Want to keep your brain in shape? I bet you’re thinking it’s going to be difficult, right? Textbooks and educational videos and numbers games and puzzles and brain teasers, that sort of thing? Perhaps. But then again, maybe not.

According to this Discovery News segment, diving into works of fiction rather than data and textbooks might be the best way to stay sharp. Why, you ask?

It’s a thing called grounded cognition, a special way your brain works when you’re being told a story, and you can learn more about it in the video (which we promise is more entertaining than your traditional educational video).

We bookworms have known this for years, of course. Those of us who read fiction on a regular basis know it’s keeping our brains healthy and happy, even if we didn’t know the word for it. But it’s nice to see mainstream media finally hopping on board.

Check out just how big an impact reading fiction can have on your cognitive ability in this video!

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