Ian McKellen Tells Students To Study As Only Gandalf Could

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A timeless question every student, parent and teacher has been asking for decades: what happens to students who do not spend enough time on schoolwork?

Personally, I never witnessed what could happen if I didn’t do my homework. Growing up in a family full of teachers, I was afraid of the consequences before I’d ever seen them in action. There was no question in my house of whether or not I would do my homework. I just did it. It’s just what you did in a family like mine. But not every home is like this. There are plenty of kids who choose not to do their homework every day.

Luckily, Sir Ian McKellen has the perfect, Gandalf-inspired answer for every student to suddenly find the motivation to get their school work done. If you know anything about Ian McKellan, I’ll bet you can guess what he does in this video, but you’ll still want to see it for yourself, just as all the kids outside his window did.

So let’s go back to the question: what happens to students who do not spend enough time on schoolwork? Find out what he said to these U.K. high school students in the following video! It is too good to miss!

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