Jimmy Fallon Sings ‘Teachers Should Make A Billion Dollars’ On The Tonight Show

Jimmy Fallon is at it again, sharing an original tune on the Tonight Show: “Teachers Should Make A Billion Dollars.”

He is doing so in honor of teacher appreciation week, as parents are discussing the struggles that they have gone through during COVID-19 “distance-learning.” I would have to say that people are more appreciative of teachers these days than before the coronavirus. After all, parents are learning firsthand what their teachers have to go through on a day-to-day basis.

Not only are people recognizing the worth of teachers, but they are also realizing that they are not paid nearly as much as they should be paid. That is where Jimmy Fallon’s new song, “Teachers should make a billion dollars” comes in. He should know because he helped to homeschool his two daughters during this time and they are six years old and five years old!

“Teachers should make a billion dollars, and get more vacation time,” Fallon sings in the made-up tune. “They spend their days wranglin’ all our crazy kids. When they go out, they should get free bottomless wine. Teachers deserve a month-long spa day and cucumbers on their eyes.”

“Teachers should have a prom for teachers, so they can dress in fancy clothes,” he continued. “The guidance counselor does the Toosie Slide, and the students have to chaperone. Teachers should make a billion dollars. And when it’s time for arts and crafts. They should get swarmed by paparazzi who demand selfies and autographs.”

“Teachers shouldn’t have to pay their taxes, they should get cheered around the clock,” Fallon croons. “At the bank, they should just throw money at them, and at Chipotle, they should always get free guac.”

Teachers were on strike for better pay just a year before the coronavirus started to take over. Now that the global pandemic is a reality, it seems as if $1 billion may not even be enough!

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It really doesn’t matter if there is a pandemic or not, teachers deserve a raise. Distance learning has really made parents aware of the struggles, especially because many are trying to work from home, be a parent, and then teach on top of it. Quite honestly, there aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish everything and some parents have dropped out of e-learning altogether.

This includes a professor and Egyptologist, Sarah Parcak, who is the mother of a first-grader. She went on Twitter to say:

“We just wrote a hard email. I told our son’s (lovely, kind, caring) teacher that, no, we will not be participating in her “virtual classroom”, and that he was done with the 1st grade. We cannot cope with this insanity. Survival and protecting his well being come first.”

Other parents are doing something similar, but it really doesn’t matter what your stand is on homeschooling, you have to agree that teachers are worth their weight in gold.

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