JK Rowling Secretly Buys Back Her Childhood Home That Inspired Harry Potter

I think that all of us have a special place that we call home. Typically, it isn’t only the place where we live now, it may be the place where we grew up. It makes us nostalgic when we think about the special times that we spent in that home. That nostalgia may make us drive-by on occasion, but would it inspire you to pay a half $1 million to buy the home back again? If you happen to be JK Rowling and that home inspired parts of the book series that made you amazingly wealthy, you might just give it some thought.

According to The Daily Mail, Church Cottage at Tutshill in Chepstow is the childhood home of Harry Potter author JK Rowling and she is also the owner. When the Gothic style cottage went on the market, she grabbed it quietly for $499,554.00.

It was kept secret for a while since she bought it in 2011, but now she and her husband have commissioned some significant renovation projects after allowing it to sit with no activity all that time. Permission was granted by the district council to install two rear dormer windows and to knock down and rebuild the garage.

Prior to the time that Rowling had to buy the home back, she lived in Church Cottage between the ages of nine and 18. She even wrote the words “Joanne Rowling slept here, circa 1982” on the wall when she was 17, and The Daily Mail has a picture of it.

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Inside the home, you will find a cupboard under the stairs, which seems as if it is the inspiration for Harry’s room and the books. A trapdoor is also in the cottage’s dining room, similar to the one Fluffy guards in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. The Forest of Dean is also nearby, which is where the majority of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows occurs. According to Insider, the name for Quidditch team Tutshill Tornados was inspired from the street where the house resides.

Some fans were able to make some sense of it and they would visit the home on occasion. “For years, every time a book or a film came out, there were always members of the public asking to come in to see the house,” Julian Mercer, the home’s former owner, told BBC back in 2011. “That’s been happening ever since the book came out. But we haven’t let them in.”

Now that Rowling owns the home and the secret is out, there may be more of those fans who are going to the home regularly to get a peek. The renovation plans are not fully disclosed but we hope that it becomes a museum for the book or that a tour may at least become available.

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