Crowd Erupts In Roaring Cheers As Blind High Schooler Sinks Free Throw Shot

When high school junior Jules Hoogland stepped up to the line to take a free-throw shot during a basketball game at her school, the entire crowd went silent.

When Hoogland made the shot, the crowd went wild.

Photo: YouTube/Fox 17

This moment was extra special because Hoogland is blind. Since she’s unable to see the basket, a woman tapped a pole against the backboard of the hoop so she could hear where it was. One of her teammates guided her into the right position.

After Hoogland focused on the tapping sound, she threw the ball up and absolutely nailed the free throw.

The audience immediately erupted in cheers and applause to celebrate the amazing moment.

Photo: YouTube/Fox 17

Hoogland said she wasn’t expecting to make the shot, but smiled big when she heard the crowd cheer.

“Jules has worked so hard over the years at getting the feel for that shot,” Nathan VandeGuchte, a special education teacher with Zeeland West, told GMA. “It was so moving to see her hit that shot again in front of 2,500 people. We couldn’t have been more excited for her and her family. It capped off what was a very memorable day for all of us!”

Photo: YouTube/Fox 17

The game was an inclusive basketball game with the zLinks program, which pairs special education students with general education student mentors.

Brand Navetta, the communications and marketing director for the Zealand school district, shared a video of the heartwarming moment on Twitter with the caption, “And you thought March Madness was exciting. Zealand Public Schools Unified Basketball took over the court this morning, and the crowd went WILD!”

Photo: YouTube/Fox 17

The video quickly went viral, winning over the hearts of thousands of people all over the globe.

Watch it for yourself in the video below:

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