Do YOU Know The Value of an Education?

Kakenya Ntaiya had a dream of becoming a school teacher, but often in Maasai culture, girls were not educated in the same extent that boys were.

So she struck a deal with her father – she would only undergo traditional Maasai rite of passage of female circumcision if he would let her go to high school.

He agreed.

It wasn’t until Kakenya went to college in the United States, however, that she realized that she didn’t have to give up a part of her body to go to school. In fact, female circumcision was illegal in Kenya when she underwent the rite.

Many years later, she returned to Keyna, determined to make a difference in the lives of young Maasai girls so they would not have to experience the same trauma and struggles she did just to get an education.

Learn more about Kakenya Ntaiya’s brave journey by watching her inspirational TED Talk.

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