One Act of Kindness Inspires Millions

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. But that’s not nearly as inspiring as one man’s Kindle that becomes another man’s treasure.

A gift that cost an anonymous Sand Diego man nothing more than a few hour’s pay made all the difference in the world to Paul, a homeless man living in Las Vegas. The good Samaritan encountered Paul regularly on business trips to Nevada and noticed that the homeless man reread the same book over and over.

After learning that Paul did so because he owned no other books, the San Diego man gave Paul his personal Kindle, loaded with over 300 books, as well as a charger and his personal address so that the homeless man could mail the e-reader to him–cash on delivery–in order for new books to be uploaded to the device.

Let’s take a page from this man’s playbook today. Do something–no matter how small–to make a difference in someone else’s life this week. Then please share your good deeds with us. Your actions will serve to inspire possibly thousands of fellow blog readers!

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