Literacy Falling From The Sky In Brazil!

In a part of the world where most adults don’t have books, it’s highly unlikely the kids ever will. It’s a sad reality not only in some areas of our own nation but also in many other countries around the globe. Far too many children lack books and the ability to read, closing the doors to so many opportunities they could have in their lives.

Enter the “Stories In The Sky Project”. They combined one of the kids’ favorite hobbies – kite flying- with stories. Yep, that’s right. Kites and reading. We’re in awe too.

Brazilian writers donated stories and the stories were then printed on kites and handed out to kids. The children read the stories, fly the kites for as long as they like, and then cut the string and let the story kites fall to the ground where other kids can pick them up and enjoy the stories. Then those kids can start the process over again.

The hope is that the combination of a favorite Brazilian hobby with reading will incentivize kids to stick to their studies and keep reading. What a brilliant way to give kids the opportunity to read!!

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