LeVar Burton Of ‘Reading Rainbow’ Is Live-Streaming Story Time On Twitter During COVID-19

There is no doubt that we are living in stressful times. Fortunately, we have LeVar Burton to help us through the stress with a little storytime.

It doesn’t matter if you are a parent or not, the calming voice of LeVar Burton is difficult to forget. He was out in front of the PBS series, Reading Rainbow, and we probably have heard him read plenty of books. As we are now entering into yet another week of quarantine, we could use his calm voice to calm our hearts. Burton may not be the answer to the novel coronavirus, but he may make our lives just a little easier to enjoy.

In order to help both parents and children who are living under stress due to COVID-19, he has ramped up his podcast. Although that podcast has been recorded for a while, he is now live-streaming and reading some of his favorite stories. You can expect this is going to be one family-friendly stream after another.

“I figured that during this difficult time I could contribute by reading aloud to folks who could use some diversion for themselves and their families,” Burton tweeted. If there is one thing that we need these days, it’s a distraction.

Burton did run into an issue when he first got started as reading books in a live-stream could violate some copyright laws. That is when he went on Twitter to make a request.

“In order to avoid legal complications, I’ve gone down the rabbit hole searching through volumes of short stories in the public domain for appropriate content for families and have come up empty,” Burton wrote.

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A number of people and agencies step forward. The first was an author of a number of novels and short stories, Neil Gaiman.

HarperStacks, the school library branch of HarperCollins publishing, was also there to help. “We are granting permission for online readings of HarperCollins Children’s Books titles through May 31, 2020.”

It seems as if there is plenty of reading material there now for Burton so we can all get ready for some great times and some nostalgia for Reading Rainbow.

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