A Whole New Way to Think About Neighborhood Libraries

Take a book, give a book? Yes, that’s the concept behind the Little Free Libraries that are popping up all over the United States. You find a mini-library, bring along a book you don’t want anymore that someone else might like to read, and pick out something new for yourself. Not as many choices as at the library or bookstore, but sometimes that’s a good thing. Only having ten or twenty options makes the decision faster and may mean you end up with a book you really love that you wouldn’t ordinarily have picked out for yourself. And if you don’t like it, just return it to its little library for someone else to read!

Clever and community-building, these little libraries are a great way to get people reading. Watch the video and you might even be inspired to build one of your own! It’s honestly pretty simple, and for those of us who are in love with books and want to share that passion with the world, the effort is totally worth it. Imagine looking out your window one morning to see a young child picking out a book from your stash!

Plus, then it’s like Christmas all over again. You get to go out later and see what book was left behind. Maybe it’s one you haven’t read yet!

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