What Do You See When You Look in the Mirror? #OperationGirl

Social acceptance is essential to the mental well-being of every human — that’s why we tend to put so much energy into fitting a societal mold, and why isolation and rejection can result in the feeling of actual physical pain.

Today, the heavily edited and airbrushed imagery that saturates our visual media has substantially skewed the physical standards of beauty in our culture. In magazines, bodies are sculpted to inhuman proportions, and in films, blemishes and imperfections can be easily removed with a simple tap on a laptop track pad.

The key to a happy and confident life is knowing the difference between the superficial (and artificial) beauty we see each day and the true beauty that people tend to overlook.

Recently, EVERDREAM Pictures produced Grammy-winning songwriter John Legend‘s “You & I (Nobody in the World)” music video, and while on-set, the crew asked over sixty women (who were featured in the music video) what they see when they look in the mirror. Their answers are at times unexpected, intimate, and inspirational.

This short documentary shows that the way we see ourselves is often a reflection of other people — we want to fit the mold, to engage with our peers, to be accepted — but true happiness can only come from inside. When we gain the confidence to live in our own skin, we will truly see ourselves when we look in the mirror.

What do you see when you look in the mirror? Is it strength, love, progress? Support #OperationGirl and share in the comments!

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