This News Will Have You Spinning in Circles — Get Excited for the New Magic School Bus!

Nearly twenty years after the final Magic School Bus episode aired on PBS, online streaming giant Netflix will reboot the pioneering series under its new title: The Magic School Bus 360°.

The twenty-six episode run, which is being produced by Scholastic Media, will launch on the streaming site in 2016. The new series will take on the original’s blend of education and entertainment, but will feature more modern and emerging technology to encourage children’s interest in science, and to spark their imaginations.

Unfortunately, not every child is lucky enough to have a school bus, magical or otherwise. That’s why The Literacy Site,, and partner Girls’ Right to Opportunity Worldwide (GROW) are working together to provide a safe ride to school for Afghan girls who would otherwise be forced to drop out, unable to commute.

Education for girls in Afghanistan, which was banned by the then-ruling Taliban in 1996, is still a dangerous endeavor. Students and teachers are often threatened or attacked, and several schools have been burned down to protest what the UN calls a basic human right. Currently, the GROW program provides 100 girls with rides to Mirwais Mena School for girls — however, with your help, we can help many more.

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