Library Obsession

All bookworms love a good library. Don’t lie; you know you do too! There’s just something so splendid about the way they’re designed, the way the architecture lends itself to reading, the way the quiet permeates the whole building. Ah, how we love libraries!

So we’ve made a lovely list of the best libraries on the planet for you to feast your eyes on! We’ll bet anything you can’t get enough of them!

Fair warning: it will be difficult to keep yourself from drooling over this collection of magnificent libraries. From the US to locations across Europe and beyond, each sumptuous photograph will find you dreaming of leisurely strolls through the stacks, the scent of aged paper filling your senses while each book calls softly, begging to be read.

You’re getting the reading bug now, aren’t you? Yeah, we get it.

Oh, what we wouldn’t give to be able to curl up in a cozy corner of one of these stately book-filled structures!

Have you been to any of these places? Let us know about your experience in the comments!


Embark on your journey through some of the most beautiful libraries in the world now!

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