School Lunch In Maine Is Now Free For All Students

In the 2021-22 school year, the federal government is providing free breakfast and lunch for all students. There were no limitations on income requirements.

In the state of Maine, an updated budget was approved and the state is deciding to continue that trend for the next school year and perhaps beyond.

Although the money from the federal government isn’t enough to cover all of the costs, the state is using a program called the Meals for Students Fund that will pay the difference.

Photo: flickr/woodleywonderworks

It will ensure that school meals will be available for all students in the state.

According to Press Herald, a director of advocacy for Full Plates Full Potential spoke about how many families are “living right on that edge” of needing help.

Photo: PIXNIO/Amanda Mills

She went on to say that having breakfast and lunch available every day for every student can really help with the food and financial security of many families.

Along with providing the benefit of free meals, this may also help to reduce the thought that free meals are only for students in low-income families.

Photo: PIXNIO/Amanda Mills

In addition, students will not build up debt when they can’t afford a school lunch. It sounds like a great plan! Hopefully other states will follow suit.

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