Tanzanian Miner Finds Another Rare Gems Worth Millions And Vows To Build Schools

I grew up in California. When I was in the fourth grade we learned all about our state’s gold mining history that took place back in the 1800s. Needless to say, that summer break – much to the dismay of my parents – I spent most of my time digging holes in the backyard trying to strike it rich. Sadly, I never did.

But for one miner in Tanzania who discovered two of the biggest tanzanite stones in June, the overnight millionaire has now found yet another gigantic violet-blue stone. 52-year-old Saniniu Laizer had the good fortune of finding another tanzanite stone, this one weighing roughly 14 pounds. He was able to sell it for a cool $2 million. As Laizer shared with the Anadolu Post, he was quite pleased by the amount of money offered to him by his government for the stone.

Back in June with his first windfall, Lazier shared that he was going to be using his gains to invest in the construction of a school and shopping center. With his latest find and financial gain, he explained that he will continue to invest in his community. As he said to the BBC, his plans include funding both a school and health clinic in his home district of Simanjiro, which is in the northern Manyara region.

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Laizer’s first two discoveries were assumed to be sheer luck, but then the third stone was discovered less than a kilometer from where the original two were found- so his luck is clearly continuing. At the handover ceremony of this latest find, Laizer revealed that he’s determined to find even larger stones than what has already been found, since according to him, “hard work pays.”

Laizer is a small-scale miner of 10 years, and his three lucky finds have made him quite wealthy. As a result, he’s been reassuring other small-scale minors to not give up and to keep going by citing his success after all his years of mining.

The stones he’s found are called Tanzanite – and these are said to be a thousand times rarer than diamonds! In fact, the rarest gemstones on the planet are tanzanite stones, and they’re only found in the northern area of Tanzania. These stones got appraised by their clarity, as well as the rarity of the color, which includes deep hues of green, red, purple, and blue.

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