Man Builds Desks For The Kids In His Community While They Learn From Home

COVID-19 has really changed our lives in so many different ways. This is especially seen with children who are now learning virtually during the 2020-2021 academic school year. It certainly does have its challenges, but some people tend to struggle with distance learning more than others. It typically has to do with them not having everything that is necessary, including the Internet and enough space.

Although it may be true that some people are struggling to get the work done, there are some people out there who are willing to help the community in a time of need. Mitch Couch is a woodworker who has just such a desire. His free time is now being used to create desks for children throughout his community.

Couch went on Reddit last week to share a picture of the product. He captioned it: “I made 35 desks for students in my area who are home due to distance learning.”

I made 35 desks for students in my area who are home due to distance learning. from pics

It started on September 3 when he created a desk and shared a picture on Instagram. He made it for his own 2 children and wanted people to know that it was easy and inexpensive to make.

He said: “Good morning family and friends. I know many of our little ones are still home doing distant learning. Our two kids were taking up space at the kitchen table making it a hassle when it came time for meals. So I made them their own little desks. The cool thing is they can store their items in it after they are done and it can be folded away later to take up less space. If you want to try your hand at making your own, check out my etsy page, they are immediate downloads for 99 cents. I made this one for around $35. Have a great day.”

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It wasn’t long before local business owners were asking him to make desks and donate them to local schools. He jumped in with both feet!

At first, they asked for 25 desks but ended up increasing it to 35 because the need was so great. He wasn’t working alone, because his wife was helping him and she even made four desks while he was at work.

Since the demand is at such a high level, he thinks that he could make hundreds of them and it still wouldn’t scratch the surface.

Grocery Outlet in Lemoore, CA was given a shout out for the generosity that it showed to the project. They donated materials and set up the placement of the desks.

You can learn more about building these desks for yourself on his website.

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