Are You Planning a Surprise Marriage Proposal During Your Trip? If Yes, Better Grab Some Tips from This Reddit Post!

A marriage proposal is often anticipated by both people in a relationship. When you know deep inside that your partner is the one, you’ll naturally think of ways to make them say yes or propose to you. With all the remarkable marriage proposals seen on social media, people often feel pressured into making the moment unforgettable. The proposal must have a wow factor, and you’d do everything to not spoil the surprise. Some do it in public, while others prefer an intimate moment with loved ones or just by themselves.

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The most common way to ask for a person’s hand in marriage is by kneeling down on one knee and a ring in one hand. It might be a generic method, but it’s a classic that still wins over people’s hearts. As years go by, different tactics are introduced to couples, leaving them guessing how their partners will propose. It could happen at any moment, wherever they are, and whoever is with them. Some planned it out during a trip, just like Pristine_Ad571, who posted an LPT request on Reddit.

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He wrote, “So I know I am going to propose to my girlfriend in our upcoming trip in Japan, I heard from her friends that she thinks I will do it there (I didn’t tell anyone at all). How can I lower her expectations and then surprise her?” A lot of people are a sucker for proposal preparations, so he received 11k upvotes and 2.2k comments. Redditors were all happy to provide opinions and shared their experiences that OP might apply in his plans. The discussion could also help others who are in the process of planning a proposal. Here are some tips from the comment section if you are one of them.

First Two Days of the Trip

Asking your partner to marry you can be nerve-wracking and might hinder you from enjoying your trip. That’s why it’s best to let it out in the open as soon as you are settled and well-rested from your flight. It will surprise her because who would expect their partner to suddenly propose on the first two days of their trip? ToastyMushmellows wrote, “Highly suggest that the first day or two so you can enjoy the entire trip with engagement giggles.” Once she answers yes, the trip could be a celebration of stepping into a new milestone as an engaged couple.

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Let Her Anticipate

Before you could even plan the proposal, your partner might have been thinking about it already. They are just waiting for you to pop the question — your partner might even say yes before you finish your words. So let them anticipate and forget about the surprise; it might actually make them happier. “Having her excited waiting for it to happen is WAY better than letting her down intentionally just for having a gotcha moment. Good luck and have fun!” Gentle_Undertaker suggested. Just like lostflowersofrage said, “Joy>>Surprise.”

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Avoid Public Proposals

Yes, it’s touching to see your loved one profess their feelings for you in front of a crowd, but not all people prefer that. Public proposals are also a misconception that needs to be clarified — people can feel embarrassed or pressured to say yes. Being intimate is a much better choice because it’s a special moment between the both of you. Redditors like ruleux shared their story and why it’s a bad idea to have strangers as spectators.

Two Settings

Heighten her expectations by bringing her to a fancy restaurant or somewhere she thinks a proposal might happen. Amidst enjoying the place, open the topic of marriage and whatnot to add excitement. “Plan for a really special event at a fancy restaurant and talk it up to make her think you’re nervous about it. Take her to a more relaxed but equally special outing during the day where you propose. She’ll be expecting the proposal at the second location, but you’ll surprise her earlier. The second location will be fun because it’ll be a celebration of the proposal,” Glittermetimbers commented.

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Right Before the Trip

Several Redditors suggested that it’s better to propose right before the trip so that it would be an engagement celebration. For this reason, you two would be extra happy and romantic during your vacation. It’ll be even more special, and the proposal becomes more of a surprise since the girlfriend is anticipating it on the trip. “Like now, now. Lean back in your chair right now and holler to the other room “Hey, you wanna get hitched?” SpindlySpiders wrote. Junkjunkhooray also mentioned, “Do it at the airport and maybe they’ll upgrade you to first class!” This is a great way to start the trip — good things happening right after another.

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Hopefully, Pristine_Ad571 has received the big yes in Japan with how much help Redditors gave him. Whether you pop the question at home or overseas, a grandiose plan does not matter if both of you are excited about getting engaged. The trip is a beautiful way of celebrating the new stage in your life. It’s also best to spend time alone with each other before announcing it to your family and friends. Surely, everyone’s waiting for that moment to arrive as well. If you’re ready to put a ring on your partner’s finger, you better read the comments below OP’s post. You’ll definitely get engaged with the suggestions and stories you’ll find there.

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