If This Doesn’t Inspire You to Read to Your Children, I Don’t Know What Will!

Every parent wants their child to grow up to reach their full, uninhibited potential, and Dr. Lydia Soifer — founder and director of the Soifer Center for Learning and Child Development in New York — knows how to achieve that goal: exposing children to the rich diversity of language.

One of the main reasons young children throw tantrums and get angry is because they feel unable to communicate their needs and desires to adults.

Language, therefore, is an important tool, and the more words kids hear (especially words they hear often and in different contexts), the more they will store and be able to use to their advantage in the future.

Make your children better communicators by giving them the rich vocabulary they need to express themselves and understand others.

In this video, Dr. Soifer discusses how helping a child expand his or her vocabulary allows them to wield a “marvelous, powerful tool.”

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