Matenwa School Empowers Haitian Children to Change Their Futures for the Better

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Support for the Matenwa school is one of these important projects.

The Matenwa school is located on an island called la Gonâve, near the Haitian mainland. Students learn in open-air classrooms with a fantastic view of the sea and the island.

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Matenwa is one of the only schools in all of Haiti that actually teaches its students primarily in the Creole language, which is the dominant language in Haiti. Students learn reading, writing, math, science, music, organic farming, crafts, and even beat making as part of their unique curriculum, which caters to the language and culture of the Haitian people rather than imposing other countries’ standards of education on Haitian students. The school also focuses on gender equality, mutual respect, and the development of critical thinking.

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Girls from the Matenwa school also participated in GreaterGood’s Girls’ Voices program this year, and they’ve had the opportunity to share their new knowledge and passions with some of their classmates. Each girl in the program trained two new girls in photography skills so that they’ll be able to tell their stories and expand their goals through media as well.

Matenwa is an outstanding school that provides an amazing and affordable education for Haitian children who might not otherwise have access to quality schooling. The average child in Haiti stops attending school at the age of seven, and the country has the lowest school enrollment in the Western Hemisphere.

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Many of the students of the graduating classes at the Matenwa school plan to go on to get a university education and pursue professional careers. These are lofty goals, but with a solid educational foundation under their belts, these young men and women are sure to get good jobs and help break the cycle of poverty in their communities.

The GreaterGood community has long supported this unique school and integrated other beneficial programs into it, such as the Girls’ Voices program and the Egg-Laying Hens program. These initiatives help improve students’ education, leadership skills, nutrition, and more. We are committed to continuing to support the next generation of learners, but we need your help to do so!

Funds the Matenwa school receives from GreaterGood go toward textbooks, supplies, teacher training, and teacher pay so that the school can remain affordable for its students. You can help the talented and determined students of the Matenwa school continue to get a good education and do great things with their lives by donating today. Every little bit helps, and every cent of your donation goes to charity!

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