Whoa, This Controversial Math App Can Solve Equations Using a Smartphone Camera

Math homework will never be the same again. This new smartphone app solves math equations instantly. All users need to do is point their camera and take a quick picture, and the app does the rest.

The free app, which was downloaded 2 million times within the first 24 hours it was available to consumers, can handle equations up to a 10th-grade level. (I can hear the high school students cheering around the world.)

Of course, this tool has caused some controversy. Educators and parents are concerned that their children will use the app to do their homework for them instead of learning the material. But we would argue that students’ test scores will reflect whether or not this is the case and allow adults to make changes to remedy the issue (like asking students to explain how they solved a problem or place more value on in-class work than on extracurricular work). Plus, the app has the added benefit of allowing good students to make it into a self-teaching tool. If you check all your answers on the app, you’ll know whether you’re doing the problems right or not and better be able to zero in on problematic questions.

See the cool new gadget in action in this video!

What do you think? Is this a math teacher’s nightmare, or an innovative learning tool? Tell us in the comments!

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