Spend Slow and Relaxing Days Accompanied by These Dog Breeds with Medium Energy Levels

As you grow older, the world becomes a tiring place when you’re constantly exposed to busy streets and noisy surroundings. The hustle and bustle of life is inevitable in cities. It’s intense and competitive — you need to match the city’s energy; otherwise, you won’t survive. Even before you arrive at work, your energy is already spent running to the subway, walking a crowded street, or grabbing a cab. Caffeine will be your best friend so you can continue the day and finish the tasks given to you. Sometimes work could be extended, and you’ll have to work overtime. It’s crazy to survive a week as a working adult.

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Most times, the root cause of the stress is not just the job but also other contributing factors. Everything can be overwhelming, and an escape sounds tempting. For most people, their idea of an escape is indulging themselves in slow days. The nights and weekends are saved for lounging, making time for hobbies, and doing everything at your own pace. It’s even more therapeutic with a pet companion. If you’re a dog person, you’d think that it’s impossible to spend slow days with an energetic and playful creature. Fortunately, some dog breeds are perfect companions for people that prefer a calm household. They’re not only good for slow days but aren’t high-maintenance. You can proceed with your daily schedule and return home with a dog excited to welcome you.

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It’s best to consider dog breeds that match your energy and lifestyle. Dogs with medium energy levels are suitable for people with hectic days who like to recharge in a peaceful household as soon as they get home. They would still love to have fun but not intensely like the other breeds. If you have been hesitant to adopt a dog due to the reasons mentioned above, then these breeds will change your mind.

Shiba Inu

The adorable fox-like Shiba Inu is well-loved by the fur parent community. They are active dogs that do not require intense exercise. You can take them out for a comforting walk in the park, and the pooch will already be content. Shiba Inus can also be aloof and are independent breeds. If you crave alone time, expect that they’ll give you the space you need.

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An Akita does have high energy levels, but you can engage them in medium-level exercises. Thirty to sixty minutes of daily walking is sufficient to keep them moving. Akita’s are not hyper breeds, but you need to ensure that they aren’t left bored. It’s also best if you have enough space where they can play on their own — whether in the living room or your backyard.

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Boston Terriers

After an exhausting day, you deserve to go back home with an affectionate dog waiting for you. Aside from having medium energy levels, a Boston Terrier will cuddle the stress out of you. As you recharge, they’ll be happy to be just by your side — bringing a wave of calmness to your home. But be reminded that Boston Terriers may suddenly release energy by running and doing zoomies.


The Mastiff will be your best bud during lazy days because their breed loves to sleep. They are not meant for any athletic activities because Mastiffs are more wired as guardian dogs. And although they prefer to cuddle, you should still engage them with low-intensity exercises such as walking outdoors. It’s for the sake of their health and to avoid aggression.

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Small, fluffy, and ideal lap dogs — Pomeranians will certainly make your slow days more relaxing. They have high energy, but the dog breed can easily adapt to their owner’s lifestyle. Regarding their playtime, Pomeranians don’t mind if you join them or not. They can keep themselves busy and will usually play on their own. Moreover, taking them for a 30-minute walk will do as their exercise routine.

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If you want to recharge somewhere else, you can conveniently bring a Dachshund on your trip. You can take them on vacations or engage them in relaxing hobbies, like swimming. Recharge yourself with their cuddles, as they are great lap dogs, too. However, they don’t think twice about spending their energy to protect you from strangers. Dachshunds can loudly bark to ward off anything they deem as a threat.

Basset Hound

Are you trying to catch some sleep during the weekends? Then the Basset Hound would gladly join you. You’ll literally have some quiet time when they’re around — playtime won’t even make them stand up. They are going to enjoy slow days with you. Your Basset Hound will be your favorite break after a draining week. Although they aren’t hyperactive, you could still bring them outside for a walk.

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Having a pet home can relieve your stress, especially when they’re exceptionally sweet. A dog’s presence is undeniably good for your mental, emotional, and physical well-being. Because although the breeds mentioned above have medium energy levels, you need to take them for walking exercises. That way, you are pushed to exercise even when you want to skip a day. Consider the following breeds as your companions at home, especially if you live alone. One of them is the perfect dog for you — a housemate, best friend, escape partner, and lazy couch buddy.

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