Men: Are You Reading? Explains Why You Should Be

How many books do you read in a year? How many do you think you should be reading?

Lately, there has been a trend in our society which leads us away from books in an effort to look “cool.”

Luckily, the counterculture is all about reading. All we need to do now is get everybody else on our side.

It’s time to make reading cool again, because there are a million reasons why we need to be reading today.

Isn’t it scary to know that we’re living in a society where the “coolest” people you know look at pictures of cats all day or go out drinking or lounge in front of a television set with a box of pizza on their laps?

Don’t you long for the days when people actually sat down and read books and informed themselves about things? Yeah, we do too.

How important is it for men to be well-read in today’s world? Mike Sheppard, editor of the world’s #1 men’s lifestyle website,, explains in this video.

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