With Hard Work & Dedication, Elementary School Janitor Becomes Principal

With a lot of hard work and dedication, a janitor at a California elementary school has since become a principal at his former school.

Mike Huff first became a janitor at the same high school that he was once student body president at, and eventually at Ione Elementary.

Photo: YouTube/Good Morning America

He loved working at the schools as a janitor because he was able to interact with the students, help them after school with their homework, and even play basketball with them.

After teachers at Ione saw how he interacted and connected with the students there, they told him he should become a teacher.

Photo: YouTube/Good Morning America

So, while working as a janitor, he decided to go back to school himself to become a teacher as they suggested.

One day, Huff received a phone call with a job offer to be principal at the school he was now a teacher at. He was shocked but completely honored that the school staff felt he would be perfect for the job.

Photo: YouTube/Good Morning America

“He makes me feel like I matter,” Miki DiRegolo, Huff’s former student, told GMA. “I’m not just one of his students that he’s teaching a lesson to, I’m important.”

And Huff continues to make all of his students feel important day in and day out.

“If you have a work ethic and you try your best, you will be noticed,” Huff said.

Hear more of his inspiring story in the video below:

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