Working Mom Of 4 Studies For 9 Years And Passes The Bar Exam

We all want to accomplish something in life, and we often achieve some of our goals. For a Nigerian immigrant named Evelyn Uba, however, that goal was many years in the making.

Uba migrated to the United States in 1983 from Nigeria. She had a dream of becoming a lawyer, but how could she accomplish it? After all, she was a mother of four children and she also worked for a living.

There is only one word to describe how she was able to eventually reach her goal: dedication.

Photo: TikTok / yourgirlkam

The amazing accomplishment of Uba became evident when her daughter posted a celebratory dance on Twitter. It seems as if her mother had been studying for the bar exam since she graduated from law school in 2011. She was celebrating because she finally passed the bar!

Many of us have dreams from the time we were children, and this amazing woman is no different. She left home when she was only 18 years old, but she had always known she wanted to be an attorney. Many things happened when she came to America, and they would’ve kept many people from following their dreams.

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When speaking with Good Morning America, she admitted that she never stopped wanting to become a lawyer. When her fourth child turned two years old, she chose a school she could afford but it was still a struggle to make payments and continue with her studies.

Photo: Facbook / Evelyn Uba

When she graduated in 2011, the next logical step was to pass the bar exam. She had taken the bar a number of times, but would check online and see that she had missed the mark. She admitted that she even stopped counting how many times she had taken the exam, but giving up wasn’t an option.

She also had another reason why she was pushing forward. She had promised her father that she wouldn’t let anything stand in her way of becoming a lawyer. Unfortunately, he had a stroke and passed away shortly after she came to America.

Photo: Twitter / srrytothisman

That is what leads us to the viral video. When she checked the results of her latest test, she saw that she had passed and started jumping up and down! Her family was there to capture the moment and hundreds of thousands of people have shared the positive emotions with her by viewing and commenting on the Twitter video.

One of her daughter’s also posted a touching video to TikTok:


Today’s a good day❤️ Future lawyer y’all!! #YouShouldKnow #duet #fyp #fypシ #law #lawyer #celebrate #MyRoutine #ColorCustomizer #LiftandSnatchBrow

♬ Repeat Until Death – Novo Amor

Perhaps one of the most touching parts of the video is when she picks up a picture of her father and kisses it. She tells him that she was able to achieve her goal.

Uba wants to do more than simply be a lawyer at this point. She has achieved her goal, but she now wants to inspire others to keep pushing for their goals as well.

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