Classic Rock In The Classroom? When It’s Played Like This – Absolutely!

While music in the classroom is something many teachers practice to help their students learn, we bet classic rock isn’t the first type of music you thought of. Unless you recently watched School of Rock, maybe.

But if you didn’t think classic rock could be used as a learning instrument for young kids, you’d be wrong!

The clip below is a wonderful take on Kashmir, The Ocean, and Immigrant Song by Led Zeppelin by a group of middle schoolers! These children have some serious talent, and they’re having so much fun too!

These kids make up the Louisville Leopard Percussionists. Started in 1993, they are a performing ensemble of approximately 55 student musicians, ages 7-12, living in and around Louisville, Kentucky. Each student learns and acquires proficiency on several instruments, such as marimbas, xylophone, vibraphone, drum set, timbales, congas, bongos and piano.

We all should know by now the benefits of learning music. Whether it’s Mozart or Led Zeppelin, music is so important to brain development! Great job, little ladies and gents!

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