This Woman Gave Her Nephew a Dish with Egg Even Though She’s Aware of His Food Allergy

Everyone has their parenting style, and you can only question it if it’s alarming. Even relatives can’t oppose that, especially when it’s for the sake of their children. Most parenting styles are based on the child’s needs, mainly regarding their health. You must be careful in giving them food as it might trigger allergic reactions. For this reason, people given the task of babysitting a child should not forget that detail. Allergies are not a minor matter, as it puts the child at risk.

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Aside from babysitters, relatives are the next group of people that needs to be aware of a child’s food allergies. This way, when there’s a gathering, they know what they shouldn’t serve when the kid is around. However, some family members are stubborn and even dare to question a person’s parenting style. It’s infuriating that someone would deliberately give food to a kid they are allergic to. Holiday-Cattle-9666 had this experience, and surprisingly, it was with her sister.

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OP was outraged due to her sister’s behavior since it put her son in an alarming situation. Apparently, her son has an egg allergy, and she has already informed her sister about it. However, the aunt had something different in mind and thought her method of outgrowing allergies would be helpful. It all started at her nephew’s birthday party — the eldest son of OP’s sister. She dropped her son at their house and completely trusted her sister to care for him.

“My sister is well aware of his allergies, and I asked if she would be serving food that was okay for him to eat. She assured me all was well, but I now know it wasn’t,” Holiday-Cattle-9666 wrote. “When I returned to pick him up, he was covered in a rash and crying. I immediately recognized it as his allergy acting up and called my sister to the side. I asked if his food had been cross-contaminated, but she straight out told me she directly gave him what he was allergic to. I nearly flipped out and had to go outside to calm down.”

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Instead of apologizing, the sister defended herself and validated her actions. She also claimed that her sister was “babying” her nephew too much. Also, her reason for letting her nephew eat something with eggs is that he could outgrow the allergy. She even had the audacity to compare her parenting style, boasting that her children are much stronger and healthier. OP did not buy her reasons and angrily left the party with her son. Later that night, the sister called her demanding an apology because OP ruined the party.

Reddit users filled the comment section with NTAs and support because she wasn’t in the wrong. Her post also turned into a reminder that allergies shouldn’t be taken too lightly. “Allergies can also sometimes get worse with repeated exposure, so she was gambling with OP’s son’s life,” Catatomical commented. “Why do people insist on testing allergies, or believe that they can always be grown out of? OP, I hope that you do report this. Show her how serious this is!”

Others also advised OP to stay away from her sister until she admits she’s at fault. “NTA. Food allergies are 100% unpredictable. Just because he’s only breaking out in hives now doesn’t mean his throat couldn’t close the next time he ingests an allergen,” LadyF16 commented. “Absolutely NTA. And you wouldn’t be at all out of line if you avoided spending time with your sister for a while. For your son’s safety, he should only spend time with people who will respect his allergies,” she added.

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Holiday-Cattle-9666 has added updates to her post. Despite the trouble her sister caused, she couldn’t report the incident since her sister was in a child custody battle. “I don’t want to go into full details but the reason I didn’t report what she did was because she is in a custody battle with her husband for her kids and I didn’t want this to be another reason against her. However I can’t ignore it any longer and although I don’t want her to lose her kids I have to protect mine.”

It was a nice gesture from OP, but her sister still needs to grow up and learn more about allergies. Reconciliation might happen in the future. Hopefully, the lessons learned will be applied by then, and the sister will own up to her mistakes.

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