It’s Never Too Late to Make Reading a Habit! Get Your Child Prepped for the Upcoming School Year!

Literacy commonly is thought to strictly apply to reading and writing. Which isn’t wrong. Both are integral to the development process.

But literacy also means successfully interpreting the world, as well as communicating with the world—verbally, nonverbally, through the written word, etc.

Kendra Smiley of Southwest Human Development suggests that, in order to ensure progress in literacy, we must help our children incorporate reading into their daily routine.

It’s important that reading is not only something we know how to do and participate in when necessary but also a daily habit. Get your kids started on this habit as soon as possible.

You can even start reading to them and with them when they’re infants! Even though they won’t be able to read at that point, they’ll already be developing a habit that will serve them well for their futures!

Watch this video to learn how to get your kids going on one of the best habits of their lives.

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