The New York Public Library Plans To Give Away 500,000 New Books To Families In Need

The New York Public Library is giving away half a million books so families can build their own personal libraries at home!

According to the New York news site 6sqft, the giveaway is part of a group of programs with a goal of engaging kids and teens in school.

During the summer, many kids end up losing their love for school or putting learning and education on the backburner.

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

To help kids stay engaged and learning, NYPL will be offering families with kids brand new books that they can keep at home, as reported by the Good News Movement.

The books will be available at all NYPL branches, including those in the Bronx, Manhattan, and Staten Island.

The books are particularly geared towards those 18 years old and younger.

According to New York news site 6sqft, Brian Bannon with the NYPL said: “We are particularly excited about the book giveaway this year. There is evidence that being surrounded by books in one’s home positively impacts literacy levels, including kindergarten preparedness.”


He went on to say, “So in addition to loaning millions of books, we are giving families the opportunity to keep titles in their homes, building their own learning libraries and a deeper connection with The New York Public Library. We hope to see everyone in one of our branches soon.”

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