How a School Hallway Became a Literary Masterpiece

In a few short weeks, kids across the country will be headed back to school. Many of them are probably groaning and squirming over that reality, but if I were a student at Biloxi Junior High, I’d be pretty excited to start a new term. Earlier this summer, teachers and volunteers took up paints and brushes and gave the school’s hallways an extreme makeover, transforming 189 old, ugly lockers into the spines of famous books.

For security reasons, the lockers have been shut and locked for 15 years (so even if I were a student, I wouldn’t be able to claim any of them…*sigh*). But teachers are hoping that the colorful, metal book spines — representations of various genres, interests, and reading levels — will spark students’ desire to crack open more books.

“Now, when I look out, I’m going to see things that are fascinating, and I hope the students are going to be fascinated and try to read as well,” teacher Stacey Butera said.

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