Parents Wholesome Reaction To Their Daughter’s College Acceptance Goes Viral

22-year-old Gurjiv Kaur had an interview to get into the optamology program at The University of The Incarnate Word in San Antonio Texas. She waited anxiously to hear back, but thankfully, she didn’t have to wait too long.

Within an hour of interviewing for the program, Kaur got the email she’d been waiting for. She was accepted into the university!

Despite her excitement, Kaur didn’t rush to tell her parents. Instead, she decided to capture their reaction on camera. She printed out the email and tucked it into an envelope and then went to find her parents. She told them she was doing a project for extra credit and pulled out her camera to film for it.

Photo: Twitter/jeeeverz

That’s when she handed them the letter and they opened it. It took a moment for her mom and dad to process the news, but once they did they were overwhelmed with emotion and excitement.

The whole emotional moment was uploaded to Twitter and shared with the world.

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In the video, her dad exclaims, “Oh, my God! This is incredible! Wow!”

Photo: Twitter/jeeeverz

“What? You just had your interview today,” her mom said, confused but excited.

Kaur assured them it wasn’t a joke and the moment was so touching to witness. It’s easy to see why it went viral, being viewed over 9 million times, but it’s not something Kaur expected to happen.

She shared with the Today Show, “I definitely did not expect it to go that big. I’m really glad that a lot of people found joy in seeing my parents’ reaction. It made them so happy.”

Photo: Twitter/uiwcardinals

Her school also congratulated her, retweeting the video and saying, “We’re not crying, you’re crying! Welcome to the UIW family, Gurjiv (and parents)!”

Way to go, Kaur!

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