Harry Potter Fans Get High And Play Some Quidditch…LITERALLY!

Some of you Harry Potter fans wish you could play an actual game of quidditch, don’t you? We know we do!

But even though many fans of the books and movies have formed quidditch teams and play regularly on the ground, it’s probably nothing compared to the feeling of playing it in the air on broomsticks like it was meant to be played! If only we could achieve that dream!

Until now, playing quidditch in the air was pretty much impossible. But a team of true Harry Potter nerds who also happen to have another favorite pastime, have decided to take things to a new level (pun intended).

These skydivers decided to turn their recent jump into something more than a just an adrenaline rush; they decided to play Quidditch up in the sky, just like they do in the Harry Potter books. Let’s just be thankful there were no bludger-related injuries in this match…

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