Raising the Voices of Children in Emergencies

In a joint effort between the European Union and UNICEF, the Voices of Children in Emergencies campaign is working to give a voice to children across the world who are most in need.

These children are suffering. They often go without some of the basic necessities of life due to the disastrous situations in their cities or entire countries. They are in some of the worst situations humans have ever survived, and they’re often clinging to their lives without much hope.

The goal of the project is to provide clean drinking water, medication, nutrition, and education to children who have been displaced by floods, earthquakes, storms, and political or armed conflicts.

These children have no other resources. This program, therefore, is a miracle of epic proportions for them. It provides a new level of quality of life for them and sometimes even saves their lives.

Learn more about how the program helps these children’s voices be heard in this video. Be prepared to have your heartstrings tugged!

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