The Best Resolution of All? Read More!

We all do it. December rolls around and we start to think about all the things we should be doing to be healthier and better people. Maybe your goal is to join a gym and actually go a few times a week. Or perhaps you want to make sure you spend more time with your kids or working on that project you never seem to be able to finish.

Regardless of what your New Year’s resolution is, we can almost guarantee there’s one problem with it. It’s going to take up a whole bunch of your time that you could be spending on something that makes you a lot happier. Like, say, reading books.

Don’t you hate it when New Year’s resolutions get in the way of your reading? Yeah, me, too. But this year, there’s an alternative solution!

This video suggests that we might want to rethink making those New Year’s resolutions at all—unless, of course, your resolution is to read more books! And that, ladies and gentleman, is the best New Year’s resolution of all.

Watch the video for more inspiration.

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