Take Heed, Bibliophiles: Don’t Be Afraid to Read!

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Take heed, bibliophiles: now is not the time to put down your books!  In this video, you’ll be reminded why reading is good for you. And that’s always a welcome warning, wouldn’t you agree?

Did you know, for example, that reading is actually a huge time-saver, despite the contrary beliefs of book haters? So many people think novels, poems, and other fictional literature are a huge waste of time. Some even believe non-fiction reading is a silly activity! But literature is actually a way to experience volumes (pun intended) of knowledge and events that are impossible to be a part of without reading. You can’t go to the past or to fictional realms, so you have to read about them to obtain the knowledge they impart. And you can experience all that from the safety of your own living room!

Books are a handy and therapeutic tool we should all be using! Check out the video below to see how literature can also make us nicer, less lonely, and more prepared for the inevitable failures of life.

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