Our 5 Favorite Reading Selfies From YOU!

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Reading is not about the recognition, but pictures of people reading can help promote reading and literacy to new readers or those who feel reading isn’t “cool,” which we totally know it is. So get out there, take a selfie, and share it with your friends! You never know who’s watching and who you’ve influenced with your public reading pride.

The trending Instagram account, “Hot Dudes Reading” is still gaining momentum with over 370,000 followers (as of the writing of this article). The idea is so simple: promote the literary lifestyle by posting pictures of ordinary people reading on the subways of New York City. And, you know, gain a little momentum by making them particularly pretty people. But we want to reach an even wider audience than that.

Last week we asked for you to send us YOUR reading selfies on Facebook. This week we’ve compiled our 5 favorites to show off what the rest of the reading community is capable of!

Here are our 5 favorite reading selfies from YOU!


“At The Bar” / Via Facebook


Reading Rabbit / Via Facebook


“Lovely Day” / Via Facebook


“My son and I reading together at bedtime” / Via Facebook


Santa Monica Beach Vacation / Via Facebook

(Pictures updated 20 April 2015)

A Gigantic Thank You To Everyone Who Participated!

Keep Sending Us Your Reading Selfies!

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