“The Real Artist is the Child”: 10 Highly Influential Writers Weigh In On the Magic of Reading

What is the point of literature? How does literature enrich our lives? And why do we keep going back to it, particularly to the same books or authors over and over again?

These three questions (and many more) are personally answered in this video by renowned authors such as Jonathan Safron Foer, Henning Mankell, and Richard Ford, among others. The authors offer up much more than just memories, however, shedding light instead on what it is that books mean to the human experience.

All of these authors had a passion for reading from a young age, usually because of an adult who influenced them. Their words remind us how important it is to start reading and learning at a young age. Don’t forget to read with your children, answer their questions about pronunciation and word meanings, and providing them with plenty of books to let their imaginations run wild!

Watch the series of interviews.

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