This Amazing Stop Motion Video Proves That There’s Nothing Quite Like A Real Book

E-books and E-readers have gained traction in society. The fact that you can have a whole library of books on a single tablet and read without the use of an external light makes these devices and formats pretty convenient, especially for avid bookworms.

But does that mean real books—physical books fashioned of paper and ink—are on their way out?

Call me a dreamer or an idealist, but I don’t think so. I don’t think anything could ever replace the feel of a book’s pages or the smell of a book (oh, gosh, that smell…!). And one Canadian bookstore seems to agree with me.

While it seems everything is going digital these days, this independent bookstore in Toronto, Canada proves that real, printed, paper and ink books just can’t be beat by any sort of technology society produces.

Support your local independent bookstore and share this incredible stop motion video with your fellow bookworms!

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