These People Decided To Repurpose Their Old Items, And The Results Are Stunning!

We love old things, and we know you do too. Sometimes, however, we come across items that aren’t necessarily valuable, functional, and might just be taking up space. We love our items, and we never want to throw anything that we can get use out of away (plus everyone could use some good-recycling-karma). If you find yourself in this position, it might be time to consider repurposing that item. *Please note, we do NOT recommend repurposing an item that’s rare or valuable. If you’re unsure, please check with a professional.

Below are some of our favorite, user-submitted photos of old items that have been repurposed, and given new life! Check them out, get inspired, and be sure to share any photos of a restoration or repurposing project that you’ve done!

from: Melinda Rapp Bronner: “This is what I did with an old washing machine that had just been sitting in the corner of the garage forever!! I love it!!!”

from: Angela Goobie: “100 years ago I’ll bet the person who made this dresser would never have thought it would one day be repurposed as a bathroom vanity!”

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from: Darlene Duplessis: “Repurposed old crock… my side table on the front porch.”

from: Ty Miller: “It always neat where you can repurpose something old.”
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