These People Decided To Repurpose Their Old Items, And The Results Are Stunning!

from: Starla Goff Green: “Mixing a lot of “old” with a little “new”! Old lead glass window pane featuring our wedding pictures. “New” tin decor squares. Vintage glass in a beautiful hand made frame showcasing our wedding date…….all resting on an amazing old door repurposed into a headboard! I love mixing the “old” with the “new”!”

from: John N Julie Foley: “Repurposed an old tank into a fire pit”

from: Tim Beard: “Found this old Dietz Lantern and repurposed it into a pathway light.”

from: Izute Kunada: ” ( REPURPOSE ) Old Singer Sewing Machine Stand and old narra (Pterocarpus indicus /Philippines ) cabinet panel and drawer”

from: Donna Wetzel: “My washing machine May 2014”

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