Think About This: “We Can Save The World Through Books”

As part of her application for an internship at Chicago’s Open Books, Maggie Needham wrote and performed her spoken word poem “I Like Books.” And we’re stunned, to say the least.

We’re partially shocked because she is a very talented poet and performer, but also because she says everything we always knew about books and reading but never knew quite how to express. And because she has a very potent message to send us with her words.

Not only does Needham’s poem sing with talent and passion, it gives the viewer a powerful thought to ponder: “We can save the world through books.”

A few minutes of your time for the purpose of saving the world surely isn’t too much to ask, right?

So take a couple of minutes to enjoy watching this fantastic video of Maggie’s spoken word poem and revel in the beauty and majesty of literature.

Well done, Maggie, and always keep reading!

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