Short Comforting Messages Someone Might Need to Hear Today

When loved ones are in their dark space, it’s only right to offer them words of comfort. It might not exactly solve their distress, but at least they know they are loved and not alone. Comforting messages mean a lot, especially when it’s the words they badly needed to hear. Those encouraging words can be said in different ways. And in this day and age of social media, you can easily send a message to your dejected friends or family. However, before you send or say anything, you must determine if those are the comforting words suitable for what they are going through. Not every “everything will be fine,” or “the sun will be brighter tomorrow” works on everybody.

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Sometimes messages are overused, and can start to sound generic and insincere. Comfort and support can be expressed even in the shortest way possible. A Redditor posted an LPT request about the matter. “What’s something short and meaningful to say to someone having a hard time, instead of ‘I hope you’re okay?’” benjismyfriend wrote. Netizens shared their own versions of “I hope you’re okay,” in the comment section. The short comforting messages often say a lot, and some of those are listed below. You might need these if you are having a hard time finding the right words to say.

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Talk or Distract

Every person has a preferred coping mechanism. Some would like to talk about their problems repeatedly while others crave distraction or escape. If you are hesitant about what kind of comfort to express, you can give them options. “Do you want to talk about it or be distracted from it?” reluctant_spinster commented. Through this, you can avoid saying comforting words you thought the person needed. They’ll be much more at ease dealing with their emotions because you asked them what they needed at the moment. SurpriseIbroughtPies also replied, “I like ‘Do you want to be heard, helped, or hugged?”

Direct Requests

Combine words and actions in a comforting message. Once aware that your loved one is feeling under the weather, offer something that can chase the dark clouds away. RaHarmakis advised, “I find when I’m in a rough spell, (i.e. lost loved one phase or the like), direct requests like, ‘Can I bring you supper Wednesday?’ or ‘I’d like to take you for a drink Saturday,’ or ‘Can I do your laundry this week?’ are more helpful. Often, people in overwhelming situations are overwhelmed, and open questions like “How can I help?” just become one more decision to agonize over. Sometimes, it’s not the action that helps but the decision-making that truly helps during a rough patch.”

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Validate Their Emotions

Do not make the person feel that they have to immediately bounce back after feeling sullen. Let them feel their emotions because it’s much healthier. “You don’t have to be ok,” rightorhappy answered. A lonely person shouldn’t stop being sad just because others simply think wallowing doesn’t help anything. Validating emotions is sometimes the best comfort you can give to a loved one. They have the right to feel, especially when it’s uncontrollable. People cope in different phases — let them have their moment for a while. Despondency might be a negative emotion, but it’s a normal human response to discouraging situations.

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Giving Them Time

OrangeFaygo836 responded, “I am here to listen, if and when you are ready.” Allow the person to assess their emotions first before asking them to tell you what’s wrong. Sometimes all a person needs is space to ease their mind. And when they’re ready, ensure that you’ll listen well. Most of the time a person needs someone who actually listens. They just need to let the frustrations out to finally feel better. Your loved one might seek advice as well; that’s why listening is essential. Being their confidante is also enough because you are giving them your time. It already implies, “I am here. You will always have someone to back you up.”

Lending Support

RoundTableMaker listed options of supportive messages such as, “’Let’s work on this together.’ ‘I’m here for you. Let me know what I can do.’ ‘Sorry you have to go through this. You deserve better.’ ‘Hey, let’s turn X around.’ ‘Let’s brainstorm ways to get through this.’” These short but meaningful messages help a lot, especially in relationships. Partners should be working together — fixing whatever needs to be fixed. It’s a commendable way to help them know they don’t have to go through the situation alone. Those words are enough to touch their hearts and spark hope that everything will work out in the end.

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Offering comfort is often challenging. Nevertheless, your love and care for the person will naturally help you say the right words. Such short comforting messages are already sufficient. Let this Reddit post remind you to check on your friends and family. They might be dealing with inner wounds alone. If you feel like something’s wrong with them, be the first to approach them. Sometimes people find it difficult to open up about their problems. Be their daylight today.

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