School Takes In Stray Cat & Makes Her Their Mascot

A stray cat in western Turkey is now living his best life as a school’s mascot after the teachers and students took her in.

The cat, whom they named Sleeper, had no known family and was discovered hanging around a nearby street. Students at Karaoglu Primary School in Sehzadeler instantly loved the kitty and asked for their principal’s help in adopting her.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

Once the cat was deemed healthy and received all of her vaccinations at the local veterinarian, the school allowed her to stay there.

Sleeper now spends her days basking in the sun and playing with the students during recess. During class, Sleeper lives up to her name and takes naps on the students’ desks.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

The students feed her and take great care of her and Sleeper is just as happy to be there. The students are now extra eager to go to school and learn, with Sleeper by their side.

While they’re doing their classwork, they enjoy petting Sleeper and getting cuddles from her.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

The school’s principal, Murat Arpaci, says that developing a love for animals is part of the students’ education.

“We had 160 students (at the school), but with Sleeper, now we have 161,” he said.

Photo: YouTube/Inside Edition

Caramel is another cat living the high life at a school in Bursa, Turkey. Much like Sleeper, Caramel wanders around the classroom and falls asleep on the students’ desks.

Watch Sleeper’s story in the video below:

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